3 things every Track BMW M3 needs to have

When you go to the track, theres a few simple parts you should have installed on your BMW that you wouldnt need for regular street driving ( although they wont hurt for those of us who drive in ways we shouldnt) haha.

Admittingly we did not have all these installed on our car before going to the track, because except for wheel studs, they aren't required by racing boards, but they make  a huge difference in how fast you wear your parts, and boost performance!



1. OIl catch can

This is a must! When you run high RPMS constantly, a lot of fumes from the crankcase vent contain oil, and this oil goes into your intakes housing, and gums up the throttle bodies, injectors, and overtime it leads to excessiv wear on these parts and decreased performance.  With an oil catch can, you will have zero problems with this; one less thing to worry about- it will keep your track car performing longer.  Heres a couple options for kits we like.  We chose the Regular Turner kit.  If you want to get fancy, check out the Kit with all AN lines and fittings!

icon Oil catch can kit

2.  Brake Cooling System

We learned this one the hard way!  Our brakes were worn, but i remember our first track day, and by the end they were shot!  The high heats of track driving just punish brake rotors and pads.  What can you do?  Cool em down!  We chose Hard Motorsport brake cooling because they are well priced, light, and well made.  These are aluminum backing plates.  No theyre not as fancy as carbon fiber, but they are still light, and if some debris hits them, they are going to take a hit much better than carbon fiber.

Hard Motorsports Brake Backing plates

iconHard Motorsports Brake Ducting System (STREET)

iconHard motorsport FULL RACE Brake cooling system ( With backing plate)

1.Wheel Stud Conversion kit

Why use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts?

  • Some racing entities require wheel studs for the added confidence of wheel-to-hub contact.
  • In order to run spacers with wheel bolts, custom lengths are required for different spacer widths. Wheel studs are designed to accommodate various spacer widths all in one application.
  • Installing wheels also becomes easier. The wheel studs will act as a wheel hanger, while the nuts secure the wheel in place.
  • Wheel studs stay in the hub, which means you are no longer constantly removing and installing your wheel bolts. The benefit? Less wear on your wheel hubs, meaning less premature wear.
  • Since your wheel studs remain in the hub, it also means changing/removing tires becomes incredibly quick and easy.

iconChrome Wheel Stud Kit for 0-10mm wheel spacers

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