CAE ultrashifter pt 4 Remove Dash trim panels, Climate control prepare center console

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The stock selector rod, shifter lever, and shifter mechanism has all been removed. Before you can mount the shifter, you must remove the center console trim panels including the shifter trim, radio mounting bracket, the ashtray and climate control panel trim, and the button control panel itself The radio mounting bracket is the main support for all of the center trim.. Once this is removed, you' ll need to trim the carpet and clean the center console in order to fit the CAE shifter mounting plate.

Once this is cleared out, you can move onto setting up your new CAE selector rod and installing it!

If you want to replace any of the center console components they are listed here. You'll also find all the parts necessary for the CAE shifter installation.

Radio Mounting Bracket- with navigation and strip style button panel w/ smokers package

Radio Mounting bracket w/ strip style buttons and navigation Parts:

Climate control module

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